Thesis in Progress

  • Back to single-Carrier for beyond-5G communications above 90GHz – ANR BRAVE (Majed SAAD, 2017-2020)
  • Objets communicants dans des environnements multi protocolaires (Pierre-Samuel GREAU-HAMARD, 2017-2020)
  • Numérisation, compression et reconstruction à grande échelle d’un trafic radio pour l’Internet des Objets (Esteban SELVA, 2017-2020)
  • Single side-band FSK waveform (Karim KASSAN, 2018-2021)
  • Low-complexity high-throughput detection algorithm for Massive MIMO systems (Bastien TROTOBAS, 2018-2021)
  • Multicell energy and spectrum collaboration in future wireless networks – System design in the presence of CSI uncertainty (Youssef FAKIH, 2019-2022)
  • Parsimonious IoT networks (Ranim TOM, 2020-2023)
  • Tera-Hertz physical layer, (Paul Desombre, 2020-2023)
  • NOMA for PMR network in 5G context, (Georgios Kostantopoulos,2020-2023)