Mars 2020

Jacques Palicot was awarded the CNFRS-URSI France medal.


31 August 2018

Best Paper Award at AICT 2018 for the paper: J. Palicot, Y. Louët and D. Guel “A New Clipping Function for PAPR Mitigation: The Gaussian Clipping Function”.

1st June 2018

Marwa Chafii received the Prix de thèse Signal, Image et Vision from Club EEA, GRETSI and from GdR ISIS for her PhD thesis entitled Etude d’une nouvelle forme d’onde à PAPR réduit.

11th January 2018

Quentin Bodinier received the 2017 IEEE Access Best Multimedia Contest Part 1 for the video he submitted with its article entitled, “On Spectral Coexistence of CP-OFDM and FB-MC Waveforms in 5G Networks”.


21 September 2017

Best Paper Award at CROWNCOM 2017, for the paper: R. Bonnefoi, L. Besson, C. Moy, E. Kaufmann and J. Palicot  “Multi-Armed Bandit Learning in IoT Networks: Learning helps even in non-stationary settings”


5th December 2016

Jacques Palicot received the rank of Emérite member of SEE for his contributions to the new concepts of radio communications, particularly in the field of software radio.

1st June 2016

At the conference CROWNCOM 2016, the “Best Booth Award” was obtained by Sumit Darak (1), Navikkumar Modi (2), Amor Nafkha (2) and Christophe Moy (2) (1) IIIT-Delhi, Okhla Phase III, New Delhi, India-110020 (2) CentraleSupelec/IETR, Rennes campus, Cesson-Sévigné, France.

For the demonstration entitled:

“Spectrum Utilization and Reconfiguration Cost Comparison of Various Decision Making Policies for Opportunistic Spectrum Access Using Real Radio Signals”

16 March 2016

Marwa Chafii obtained the Best Paper Award during the Journées Scientifiques 2016 of URSI for her article entitled “La modulation en ondelettes : une modulation alternative à faible consommation d’énergie”


Ali Cheaito received an award at IEEE INFOCOM 2015 for his workshop entitled “Green and sustainable networking and computing”.

2009 – 2013

The SCEE team was selected three times for the “Best Readings in Green Communications” of the IEEE ComSoc :

  • Category of Green cognitive communications and computing
    J. Palicot, “Cognitive radio: an enabling technology for the green radio communications concept”, in Proc. the 2009 ACM International Conference on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing: Connecting the World Wirelessly, IWCMC ’09, pp. 489-494, 2009.
  • Category of Green software, hardware, devices, and equipment for communications :
    Amor Nafkha, Pierre Leray, Yves Louet, and Jacques Palicot, “Moving a Processing Element from Hot to Cool Spots: Is This an Efficient Method to Decrease Leakage Power Consumption in FPGAs?”, the Chapter 8 of “Green Communications-Theoretical Fundamentals, Algorithms and Applications, edited by J. Wu, S. Rangan, and H. Zhang, CRC Press, September 2012.
  • Category of “Special Issues”
    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Special Issue on “Green Radio“, January 2013.

November 2012

L’ISIR and Supélec (Catherine Soladie, Hanan Salam and Renaud Séguier) were ranked first and second in the international challenge AVEC 2012 at the conference ICMI 2012 for the detection of feelings on unknown people, in front of the University of Pensylvanie (3rd), the University of South California  (4th), the University of Delft (5th) and the University of Ulm (6th).

This work was realized as part of the project IMMEMO (ANR Contint), coordinated by Supélec, which the objective is to propose an immersif system having the capacity to analyse the facial expressions of a learner within the framework of a Serious Game.  This project had sent both teams which won the first two places.


May 2011

Supélec (Amor NAFKHA, Jacques PALICOT), ENNENSYS, and SIRADEL Had the third price of Trophées Loading The Future, during the general assembly Images et Réseaux, for their project PME DTTv2. This project concern the reduction of the consumption, the radio coverage, and the implementation for the second generation digital television. DTTv2 benefits from very significant scientific and economic impact.

March 2011

L’ISIR and Supélec (Renaud Séguier and Hanan Salam) were ranked first at the international challenge within the conference of Face and Gesture 2011 (FERA2011) for the detection of Actions Units, in front of the University of San Diego (2nd), Karlsruhe Institut (3rd), the University of Queensland (4th) and a mixed team MIT/Cambridge (5th).

This work was realized under the project IMMEMO (ANR Contint), coordinated by Supélec, which the objective is to propose an immersif system having the capacity to analyse the facial expressions of a learner within the framework of a Serious Game.

May 2010 

Ziad KHALAF, Amor NAFKHA, Jacques PALICOT and Mohamed GHOZZI have received a Best paper award at the 6th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT 2010) for their article entitled “Hybrid Spectrum Sensing Architecture for Cognitive Radio Equipment”


August 2009

Désiré Guel and Jacques Palicot have received a Best paper award at the 5th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC09) for their article entitled “FFT-IFFT Pair Based Digital Filtering for the Transformation of Adding Signal PAPR Reduction Techniques in Tone Reservation Techniques”

October 2008 

Christophe Moy defended his HDR : Evolution de la conception radio : de la radio logicielle à la radio intelligente.

January 2008 

Sylvain Le Gallou has received the thesis’ price of the Fondation Métivier. He also defended on November 13th, 2007 his thesis entitled :
“Détection robuste des éléments faciaux par Modèles Actifs d’Apparence”
The price was presented to him on Avril 28th, 2008 at Rennes.

November 2006

An article of J.-P. DELAHAYE, C. MOY, P. LERAY and J. PALICOT has received the price “OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD” of the Technical Conference du SDR Forum’05.